Tour de Chaussures (Shoe Tower) Eiffel Tower Mother's Day Card

Tour de Chaussures Mother's Day Eiffel
Tour de Chaussures Mother's Day Eiffel
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Tour de Chaussures Mother's Day Eiffel
Shoe-loving mothers around the world will adore this Tour de Chaussures Eiffel Tower! Shoes of every style adorn the tower - pumps, flats, slides, sandals, boots, clogs, and more. This card is a chic and charming way to wish special mamans a "Happy Mother's Day."

Inside, a short verse reads, "to a mom who is ever so sweet, from the top of your head to your stylish feet!"

The back of the card includes a quote from Coco Chanel, "With four pairs of shoes I can travel the world."

4.5" x 6.25" card is printed on heavy white paper from sustainable forests and comes with a choice of matching white or contrasting hot pink envelopes.

Shoe fanatics may also enjoy the petite tour de chaussures notes....