Festive Frigate Birthday Card inspired by the 2015 Hermione Project

Festive Frigate Birthday
Festive Frigate Birthday
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Festive Frigate Birthday
Happy birthday wishes set sail on this card that was inspired by the 2015 voyage of a painstakingly crafted replica of the Hermione. The frigate is a duplicate of the ship upon which Lafayette sailed from France to the United States in 1780.

The drawing shows the distinctive blue and yellow ship with its lion figurehead somewhere in the Atlantic amid birthday candles.

The greeting inside is "Happy Birthday! wishing you fair winds and following seas"

4.5" x 6.25" card is printed on heavy white stock from sustainable forests and comes with choice of blue, orange or white envelopes.

For more information about the Hermione Project, please visit http://www.hermione2015.com/.