La Coccinelle - a.k.a. Ladybug Note Card

Ladybug (Coccinelle) Note Card
Ladybug (Coccinelle) Note Card
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Liz's original watercolor image of a ladybug appears with two French terms for this useful insect, "la bête à Bon Dieu" and "la coccinelle," in her handwriting.

4.25 x 5.5 blank note card is printed on heavy white stock from sustainable forests and comes with matching white envelope.

Save when you order in quantities of eight or more of this card.

Ladybug trivia: The Latin Coccinella septempunctatacomes from the Latin word coccineus meaning 'scarlet'. The common English name "ladybird" originated in Britain where the insects became known as "Our Lady's birds". Mary ("Our Lady") was often depicted wearing a red cloak in early art, and the seven spots of the species (the most common in Europe) were said to represent her seven joys and seven sorrows.