Freedom Flowers Note Cards in Gorgeous Soft Green

Freedom Flowers Notes - Green
Freedom Flowers Notes - Green
Item# 855a2green

Freedom Flowers Notes - Green
Thomas Crawford's bronze Statue of Freedom that graces the top of the U.S. Capitol Dome comes to life in this design. Liz's drawing of the statue blossoms in pine-y sage-y green flanked by spidery chrysanthemum blooms of E Pluribus Unum hand-lettered by Liz.

This 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card is printed on cool white deckle 100% cotton stock with a slightly ribbed texture and comes with matching deckle flap envelope.

Sets of 8 blank notes are packaged recyclable plastic box.

Choose to order all green notes or a box containing two each of blue, pink, orange, and green.