Chapeau Magique/Magic Birthday Hat
(Box of 6)

Chapeau Magique (box of 6)
Chapeau Magique (box of 6)
Item# 729b1x

Chapeau Magique (box of 6)
A magical birthday hat to send your best wishes. Crisp black and white hat is underscored by "Bon Anniversaire" (Happy Birthday) on the front of the card.

Inside a tiny, but still magical, version of the hat punctuates wishes for "Many happy returns."

French and English, black and white, just the thing for a sophisticated card sender like yourself!

Ink drawings printed on elegant heavy white stock.

Set of six 5" x 7" cards comes with matching heavy white envelopes. This beautifully simple card is great for many audiences, so you might consider keeping these in your desk drawer, or next to your own magic hat.

No room in your drawer? Then perhaps just one card is in order.