Je t'adore/Love You Bouquet Greeting Card

Je t'adore
Je t'adore
Item# 87BW
$5.00, 8 for $22.00

Je t'adore
There it all is in black, white, and red. A gorgeous bouquet of roses, carnations, hearts (and maybe some hollyhocks?) with the words "je t'adore" (I adore you). Simple, direct, and sincere.

Inside, the short and sweet message says "love you!" in Liz's handwriting.

You could send this card to your sweetheart or any of the people you adore.

Ink drawing printed on heavy white stock from sustainable forests.

4.5" x 6.25" card comes with really red envelope. Sets of 8 are packaged in 2-piece kraft box.

Wondering about a multihued bouquet instead of the starkly elegant red and white arrangement here? Check out the Coeurs et fleurs version of this card.