Effeuiller la Marguerite (Play Loves-me .. Loves-me-not ...)

Effeuiller la Marguerite
Effeuiller la Marguerite
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Effeuiller la Marguerite
In French, the game of "loves me ... loves me not ..." has a few more degrees of distinction. It goes "loves me a little ... loves me very much ... loves me passionately ... loves me madly ... loves me not at all." No wonder they call it the language of love!

With this note card, the answer is always "je t'aime." The flower is a unique breed - made up entirely of Liz's pen and ink drawing of a cicada.

4 1/2" x 6 1/4" note card is printed on heavy, bright white paper from sustainable forests and is paired with speckled oatmeal envelope made from recycled stock.

Sets of eight cards are packaged in kraft box with clear lid and raffia tie.

If you want to be sure that nothing is lost in the translation, you may wish to send the English "love you ..." version of this nice note.