Toile de cigale palette d'automne (Autumnal palette cicada toile)

Autumnal Cicada Toile
Autumnal Cicada Toile
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Autumnal Cicada Toile
Four rows of toile-patterned cigales (cicadas) in beautiful autumnal colors give this card a quiet sophistication.

The poet Frederic Mistral wrote about cicadas, "Lou souleu mi fa canta," which is Provenšal dialect for "it's the sun that makes them sing."

4.25" x 5.5" blank notes card are printed on heavy off white stock and come with a matching envelopes. Sets of eight cards are packaged in a kraft box with clear lid.

Turn the card over to find this interesting bit of information:

"In Provence, cicadas are porte-bonheurs (good luck charms) believed to bring happiness. Traditionally, ceramic cicadas are hung at a slant outside the main door to the house."